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Jo Jennings is a UK based author who writes lesbian romance, her first published book is Forever Friends, Hearts Entwined. She has travelled, lived and loved and is a true believer in love, laughter and happily ever after. 👭

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My World, My Heart ❤️

My family means the world to me, I'm very lucky to have three beautiful children who make me smile constantly.20160609_190657PicsArt_08-06-10.52.4720160821_185945.jpgThey are only little, but they love me unconditionally and sometimes in life you just need that! I'm also very lucky to live by the beach it really is a beautiful seaside town and the majority of my family and friends still live here so I get to see them all regularly.


I'm also getting to write my second book.....well when I have a free moment, raising little ones is hard work!

I am incredibly lucky to have such amazing people in my life, I am making some of the most unbelievable memories!

Jo x 

Savage Garden - Affirmation

20 Random Facts About Me

1. I've been a vegetarian since I was 7. 🍎

2. I have a 4 year old son, a 2 year old daughter and a baby boy. 

3. I have lived in the same seaside town my whole life. 

4. I own a 44 year old Vw Beetle called Bessie. 🚗
5. I've always been a tomboy, who loves her mascara. 
6. I need music in my life. 🎧🎤🎵
7. I'm a Leo. 🦁
8. I love watching random American TV Shows. 
9. My family are my world. ❤️
10. I've always been the funny one, though some of my friends may disagree! 😂
11. I love to meet new people. 
12. My favourite artist is Salvador Dali. 🎨
13. I could live on bread. 🍞
14. I own far too many pairs of Converse All Stars. 
15. I live in my Roxy flip flops. 
16. I have a border collie called Chilli. 🐕
17. I'm a sun worshiper. 🌞
18. I believe in signs and the Universe. ☄️
19. I'm a little bit of a hippie. 
20. I'm all for a happy ever after. ❤️

One life, live it! ❤️

Five For Fighting - 100 Years